999/112 Information

Submitting your 999/112 information (UK Only) – Why do I need to do this?

If you ever make a call to 999 or 112, we can pass on your location information to the emergency services call centre, just in case you’re unable to pass on such information in the call itself.

You can add location information for any number allocated to your account. You then define on each extension of your account which telephone number will be presented to the emergency services team.

Emergency services will use the number that you present when dialing them to look up the address details that you provide here for the number.

Configuring your information

To submit your data online, you must login to your Goldfish account and locate “999/112 Info” in your Control Panel, select the number you wish to add your information to and enter the information it asks for as shown below:

Click on “Submit details” and this will submit your details for the chosen number. This will need to be applied to every number that you have on your account.