Remote Working Solution


Our cloud-based phone system is perfect for remote working, giving users the flexibility and security they need to operate from any location.

The phone system you need to work remotely

Quick and easy setup

With no specialist equipment needed, you can be up and running within minutes. Make and receive calls through a browser, desk phone, softphone or smartphone app. Just want to redirect calls to your mobile? You can do that too.

Use up to 10 DDI numbers

Our plan provides you with up to ten DDIs and ten extensions for you to distribute throughout your business. Route incoming calls through one or more numbers, thus ensuring each employee can continue to be productive.

Inclusive landline & mobile minutes

With 4000 landline minutes and 1000 mobile minutes, you won’t have to worry about call usage again. But just in case you do, contact us and we’ll fit you in with the plan you need to succeed.

Manage your employees in real-time

Manage your staff remotely. Know what your staff are doing in real-time, including stat-tracking, with our supervisor console. Support your staff by administering training on the spot while you listen in to calls.

The features you need to improve productivity

Call Recording

Seamlessly record your inbound and outbound calls. Keep an online database of recordings, for up to 6 years.

IVR Menus

Our Call Director service is perfect for those looking to direct calls to the relevant department in a quick and easy manner.

Supervisor Console

Manage the activities of your agents and teams in real-time. Analyse statistics, listen to calls and carry out call coaching.

What our customers say

“It is an excellent service with a high level of call quality and reliability delivering significant savings to the business. The ease at which the system is deployed & managed certainly is a noteworthy point.

SISK Group

Remote Working Plan
Perfect for the new normal
10 DDIs
10 extensions
4000 landline minutes
1000 mobile minutes
Call recording
Call director (IVR menus)
Remote Working Plan Plus
Includes supervisor console
10 DDIs
10 extensions
4000 landline minutes
1000 mobile minutes
Call recording
Call director (IVR menus)
Remote Working Plan Premium
Need more DDIs?
Call Us
The complete package
Choice of DDIs available
More extensions available
More landline minutes
More mobile minutes
Call recording
Call Director (IVR menus)

Request a callback

To sign up to our remote working package, you can call us on 015547888 or email us instead Alternatively, fill in your details in the form provided and we’ll get right back to you as soon as possible.