Audio Files

Using audio files with our service

There could be many reasons for you wanting to use audio files on your account. It could be for the Call Director service, Voicemail or Out of Hours Call Routing. Whatever the reason may be, they are uploaded in the same way.

Step 1: Do you have your audio file ready?

If you do not have an audio file for your purpose, we can have one ordered for you using our professional voice artist. They cost €3 per word. If you already have your file, you will need to make sure that it is either a .wav or .mp3 file as this is the format our system accepts.

Step 2: Uploading your audio file

To upload your file, log in to your Goldfish account and click on “My Audio files” and enter the information it asks for. You must give your file a name – this can be anything you wish. Choose your file and tick the terms and conditions box.

Step 3: Using Music on Hold

Music on hold is basically what it says, it will replace the music on hold that we have by default and replace it with your music file. This could be an advertisement perhaps or just generic hold music. Either way, when uploading your music file as in the previous step, make sure that “Use this file for music on hold” is selected and this will overwrite our default files.