Audio Issues

Common causes of audio quality issues

When supporting customers, we find that the most common cause of call audio quality issues is the quality and capacity of the customers’ Internet connection.

This is especially true if you find that you can hear your callers fine, but they sometimes struggle to hear you.

Symptoms of broadband/ Internet connection issues are:

  • Caller complaining of audio breaking up or jittery
  • Calls dropping at random points during the call
  • Long periods of no audio or audio being lost completely
  • Lots of delay on the call – in either direction

Other causes of dropped calls

Dropped calls, in particular, can be caused by issues other than broadband connection quality.  On occasion, routers can block some of our traffic. This can be resolved by opening the port ranges from 8060 to 8090 on UDP traffic.

How to check your connection

You can check the quality and capacity of your connection pretty easily using an external resource:

  • can help you to perform a speed test on your line to inform you of what sort of connection speed you have. You need a minimum of 150kbps (that’s 0.15 Mbps) up and down for a single VoIP phone and an additional 120kbps (0.12 Mbps) for each additional phone you have. Pay particular attention to the upstream value reported.

Try to run speed tests at points in the day when you are experiencing the problem.

Other tests

If your tests come back ok, or you need any other advice, then get in touch with us. We can run a trace on your Internet connection to check if we can detect any packet loss, provided ICMP is enabled on the end-user network. If ICMP is blocked, you can contact your ISP to have ICMP enabled/allowed.