Filtering Call Data

Filtering Call Data

There may become a time in which you need to download and filter your call data. Goldfish store all calls made to and from your account so they can be downloaded at a later date. You can download your call data from inside of your control panel.

Downloading your call data

If you login to your Goldfish account, click on invoices and then billing calls and faxes down the left-hand side of the page, this will then show your call data for a given month. It will automatically start at the current month (August for example). Once you have chosen the month you would like to filter, select ‘Save as CSV’ in the top right corner and this will download the call records for this period.

Creating a Filter

Once you have your file downloaded, we can now create a filter to filter for certain parts of the .csv file. If you highlight the column labelled ‘Description’ (normally column B2) and click on the Data Tab (Excel Only) and select ‘Filter’ (looks like a funnel). This will then create a drop down menu for the description column in which we can start using the filter. 

Filter Selection

Creating Search Terms

Now that we have the filter setup, we can now search for something like a mobile number for instance. If you click on the drop-down box arrow on column B2, because the data is set out in the same way we can search for ‘from 07’ in the search box. This will search anything beginning with ‘from 07’, if we just selected 07, it would search anything with 07 in the description. Click okay and it will return your results in a condensed table.

Filter Search

Obviously the above search was for mobile numbers but you can set up a search for extensions and landline numbers. If you want to search for an outbound call, repeating the above steps and replace ‘from 07’ with either the full VoIP username ‘from 1001000000’ for example or the DDI number ‘from 03333443443’. You can search for internal calls with the same method using ‘to ‘1001’ or ‘0333344’.