Garbled Faxes

If you receive only part of a fax

It may be that your sender reports that your fax number is connecting and beginning the process of sending, but then failing at some point throughout the transmission. 

Fax lines can drop from time to time and this depends primarily on the quality of the line to/from the sending / receiving machines. 

If the fax is a long document (20+ pages), it would be wise to ask your sender to only re-transmit the part that failed rather than starting again (you will have received the pages sent successfully)

If your fax is failing after retries and you have double-checked the number, then it’s best to get in touch with us directly.

If you receive an unreadable or garbled fax

If you receive an unreadable or garbled fax then this is generally caused by interference or noise on the sending side. Unfortunately, in this circumstance, you will need to request, where possible, that the sending party re-send the fax. In rare cases, a compatibility issue may cause an error repeatedly. In the event that this problem presents itself repeatedly from the same sender; please get in touch with our support team.