General – System Reliability

Service availability

We publish our service availability statistics on an hourly basis on our home page. These statistics originate from our service monitoring system and are not modified or edited prior to being published. You can see our latest service availability statistics on our service status page.

Service Status page

We publish RFI (Reason For Incidents) posts for any major service-affected incidents on our website. We endeavour to keep this up to date at all times; although please bear in mind that during major incidents, our primary focus is to ensure continuity of service in the first instance.

Service monitoring

We centrally monitor all of our services and have notification and escalation systems in place to ensure our engineering staff are made aware as quickly as possible of any service affecting issues.

Support hours

The normal support hours are Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5.30PM. We have emergency staff available on call after these hours, who are notified of any service affecting issues by our automated service monitoring tools.

Resiliency by design

Our voice platform consists of a cluster of media servers, which calls are load-balanced across. In the event that one of our media servers stops responding, it is removed from this cluster and our service team notified; ensuring the minimum of impact to our end users.

Self-healing technology

In addition to our regular monitoring systems and support staff, we also employ a watchdog service which monitors then conditions of hardware and takes immediate corrective action in the event of a fault. This service will restart software or services and eventually restart hardware in the event of failure.