Issues Making Calls

I’m having trouble making and receiving calls

There can be a handful of reasons that may result in you not being able to make calls via your VoIP handset. Below are some troubleshooting techniques to cover.

Step 1: Restart Your Equipment

If you’ve previously been able to make and receive calls, it’s often the case that simply restarting your equipment will solve the issue. Switch off your Broadband router for 20-30 seconds and turn back on. Once complete, reboot the phone by pulling out the power cable, wait 5-10 seconds and plug back in. The phone should then get an IP address and get its registration back. Confirm by dialing 8000 to connect to voicemail.

Step 2: Check the Phone has an Active Connection

Find out the phone’s IP Address. Each phone will display the IP address in a slightly different way, check out our phone guides for specific guidance. If the IP Address shows or, the phone hasn’t managed to get an IP address.

Check that the Cables are Correct

Badly connected cables are often the cause for a loss of connection. Unplug all of the cables, and then replug them, making sure that they’re in the right place.

Check the Internet Connection

If your phone has an IP address, and the cables are connected correctly, the next stage is to check the Internet connection. If your internet connection appears to be working, restart the Internet Router and if the problem isn’t solved, move onto the next step. To test your internet connection, please read the following instructions here.

Step 3: Check your Phone Settings are Correct

If you’re unable to make or receive calls, especially if you’ve never been able to, please check your phone settings are correct here:

Step 4: Change your Port Number

The default Port Number is 5060, it could help to change this to 8060. Check your phone’s configuration, and anywhere you see 5060 change this to 8060. If you experience any problems or need help, please Contact Us.

Step 5: Other Areas

If you’re experiencing problems receiving calls where the phone works for 5 minutes but is then unable to receive calls, there may be a problem with the phone’s Registration Expiry Setting.

To fix this, log in to your phone’s Configuration Guide (information on how to do this can be found by clicking on your phone’s model above or referring to the phone’s user manual). Go to Account Settings, and look for ‘Registration Expiry’ or similar title. This setting is normally shown in seconds, and should be set to 300.