Trouble Receiving Faxes

If you find that you are having trouble receiving faxes, there can be a few possible reasons:

If your sender insists that the fax was sent successfully and that they received a delivery receipt from their machine or service, then it is likely that the fax was received by us and emailed to you, but was never received by your email client.

Check your received fax log on your Goldfish account

As well as emailing faxes to you, we also keep a log on your account. You can verify if you’ve actually received a fax by checking this log:

  • Log in to your account at “My Goldfish”
  • Under My Services, select “Your Numbers”
  • Click on “View received faxes” next to your fax number

If your expected fax does not show in the log then it has not been successfully transmitted and we recommend that you contact the sender and double-check the number etc.

If you can view the fax in this log, then double-check the email address that is defined on your number to ensure you have given us the right address. If the address is correct, and you can see the fax in the log, then our email to you must be getting filtered out somewhere:

Email is being filtered out

  • Check your spam folder for the fax, because we include very little text in our outbound emails and the text that we do provide is very similar on all emails, they can sometimes be filtered out as SPAM. If you find the fax in your junk mail folder, then make sure you mark the sender address as being not SPAM – that way it won’t happen again
  • If you can’t find the email in your SPAM folder, it could be that your ISP have blocked it for some reason before it reached you. The easiest way to test if this is happening is to change your fax number so it sends to more than one address and add an address from a different domain with a different ISP, send a test fax and see if it comes through (see our guide to receiving faxes at more than one address in the related links)

We have recently found that some mail systems are being hosted by GMail and, if our mail is being identified as SPAM by GMail, it is delivered to the SPAM filter in the webmail client, but not sent to any third party mail clients (such as Outlook / Windows Live Mail). If this is the case, then you can “whitelist” our address, meaning it will always be delivered to your Inbox. To do this, simply add our support mailbox ( to your contacts in the webmail interface. This will often work with other mail systems as well as those hosted by GMail.