Out of Hours Routing

Out of Hours Routing can be very handy if you wish to define your opening and closing times for your business. We will cover how to set up OOH call routing, setting opening and close times and selecting different calendars depending on your location.

Step 1: Setting your open and closed times

All time formats must be in 24 hours so 9am would be 09:00 for example. If you are closed on a particular day, a weekend perhaps, just add 00:01 for the opening time and 00:00 for the closed time. The below image shows a standard 9am-17:30pm Mon-Fri week:


After you have selected your opening and closed times, you will need to select which numbers this will apply to. You could either select a single number or multiple numbers to apply the out of hours routing to.

Step 2: Using the holiday schedule

Depending on which region of the country you are located in, you can select an appropriate holiday calendar for public holidays. There is a choice of England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.


Step 3: Applying the Call Routing

The last stage for the OOH call routing is to tell the system what to do when you are closed. It’s the same version of the Routing Wizard we covered in a previous section. Basically you will need to select where you want the call to be directed to; an external destination, an internal VoIP device or even the Call Director service. The below example shows playing an audio file (Goldfish closed) and then hang up.