Trouble Sending Faxes

If you find yourself having difficulty in sending faxes then you should check this guide.

When you send a fax to us, you should be sending an email to our fax domain ( When we encounter an error, we will reply to you with details and suggested corrective action.

Notifications take the following form:

Notification received: This user (email address) is not approved to send faxes through Goldfish

This notification means that you haven’t set up a record permitting the email address quoted to send faxes. Pay careful attention to the email address quoted in brackets as some providers change your domain for outbound emails (for example, gmail send emails as gmail and googlemail). To add or modify your permitted users:

  • Log in to your account at “My Goldfish”
  • Under My Services on the Control Panel, select “Authorised fax users”
  • You can add/edit permitted users as you want 

Notification received: Not enough credit

Unlike receiving faxes, sending faxes is a chargeable service on a per fax basis. You have to either subscribe to an outbound fax plan or add call credit to your account to allow for sending of faxes. 

To add call credit, log in at My Goldfish and then on the right-hand side under “My Account”. There is a link on that page to add fax/call credit.

To subscribe to a fax plan, log in at My Goldfish and under My Services, click “Your Numbers”. Click on add a new number, you don’t need to add a number here, but can simply add an outbound fax service.

Notification received: Error converting document

If you receive this notification then we have encountered some difficulty in converting your document to a faxable form. Please check our list of supported formats in the Help FAQs section of the site.

Notification received: Nothing to fax

When you send faxes through our service, this works by you attaching a document to your email as an attachment. If our service finds no suitable attachment it will give up and reply with this message. The exception to this is if you’ve enabled cover pages on your account, where an email with no attachments will be faxed, with just a cover page containing the body of the email.

I’m not receiving any notifications or my email is bouncing

If you do not receive any notifications at all when sending a fax then please check the following:

1. Are your notifications going to your spam folder?

2. Are you sending your emails to the correct place? All faxes need to go to our fax domain (

3. It is possible that your ISP is blocking the notification altogether as SPAM before it even gets to you; you can check with them or contact us if you think this may be the case.