Starter Pack – How Do I Divert Calls?

Diverting incoming calls to another telephone number is made extraordinarily simple, all thanks to our clever Routing Wizard.

Perfect if you spend a lot of time out of office, it facilitates you to easily transfer calls to your mobile, for example – plus a range of other options.

Businesses today are having to adapt to the increasingly flexible nature of working, and VoIP is one sure-fire way to help you meet these changing demands.

With our call diversion options, you can make your routing as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

Best of all is how easy it is to set up and manage: you choose your routing steps in our intelligent Routing Wizard and the software does all the legwork for you behind the scenes – it really is that simple!

A flexible routing system for the modern business

The astute call routing options make doing business on the go easier than ever before.

The simplicity of the Routing Wizard means you can have incoming calls diverted to wherever you like within just a few clicks, giving your business complete freedom.